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2009 Selby Ave JazzFest

Scenes from the 2009 Selby Ave JazzFest, held Saturday, Sept. 12, at Selby and Milton in St. Paul. The eighth annual JazzFest featured the Sounds of Blackness and Grammy-winning saxophonist Kim Waters. Thousands of festival-goers browsed artwork and other wares in dozens of vendor booths and enjoyed food from around the world and around the Twin Cities. The event is sponsored by FRAN partner, the Selby Area CDC, and featured an information booth staffed by another FRAN partner, Aurora/St. Anthony NDC.

MCASA Means Home

803 Sherburne Ave., one of the MCASA rehabbed homes available for purchase

803 Sherburne Ave., one of the MCASA rehabbed homes available for purchase

MCASA Homes, a partnership between Model Cities Community Development Corp. and Aurora/St. Anthony Neighborhood Development Corp., seeks to create affordable home ownership opportunities for low-income families. It does so by building and rehabbing homes and working with potential buyers to develop the financial skills necessary to be successful homeowners.

The MCASA and ASANDC partnership invests in the health of the Frogtown-Aurora/St. Anthony community. MCASA has constructed six single-family homes in the Summit-University neighborhood, and is rehabbing up to a dozen more in Summit-U and Frogtown. According to Nieeta Presley, Executive Director of Aurora/St. Anthony Neighborhood Development Corp., “This is a long-term investment. We do not just throw people into homes. We connect families to the community, making sure that they are well educated and surrounded with resources.”

“System players didn’t think we could do it,” said Barbara Jeanetta, senior program officer of Twin Cities Local Initiatives Support Corporation. “Now, five years later, we see other banks scrambling to do the same with their own approach. However, they are still not willing to go the extra mile to continue giving families support once they enter the home.”

For MCASA, the “extra mile” takes the form of Home Stretch classes, which are designed to give the participants the tools they need for sustainable homeownership. This is what makes MCASA different.

For more info about MCASA Homes, check out the August/September edition of the ASANDC Newsletter or contact:

  • MCASA Homes: Brenda Bailey, (651) 632-8345 | email
  • ASANDC: Nieeta Presley, (651) 222-0399, ext. 101 | email

— By Ashanti Austin

Going Away Party for “Dan the Man”

Going away party for Dan Kravetz, Community Development Assistant at Aurora/Saint Anthony Community Development Corporation, at Arnellia’s in Saint Paul.
His activism, his commitment, love, time, and deep voice will be missed!

— Video By Ashanti Austin