ASANDC is a community development agency that has served the Frogtown and Rondo areas of Saint Paul for 31 years
(as neighborhood watch group formed in 1981 and formally as a 501c3 since 1984). Our services include build/physical development (the construction and rehabilitation of affordable homes and retail space), economic development (an entrepreneurship training program and assest and welath creation), ), and social/human/political development (community saftey inititiaves, youth leadership development, and a resident leadership training progaram) .

“Our mission is to foster positive relationships within and between the neighborhoods we serve and to support thier member in effecting the quality of life in their communities.” Our visiobn is to improve and enahnce the social and economic well-being of the people we serve”.  Affectionately known as “the block club” among long-time neighbors, our foundation is in working together with community members to address their fundamental concerns, both large and small. We envision a community in which community members support one another in addressing common challenges, building on common assets, and sustaining a strong, proud neighborhood.

We are extremely proud of our many accomplishments this year such as the collaborative work with the STOPS Campaign in winning the three additional stops at Hamline, Victoria, and Western Avenues in the Light Rail development (LRT) and being awarded one of the five 2010 National Achievement in Environmental Justice Awards.   In partnership with The St Paul Fair Lending Coalition, our efforts resulted in knocking on over 350 doors to give out information on the prevention of foreclosures.  In partnership with Model Cities, rehabbed ten fore closed properties, which resulted in providing homeownership opportunities for six families in our community.  Last, but not least, the completion of Frogtown Square in partnership with Neighborhood Development Center (NDC), Model Cities, and Greater Frogtown CDC that afforded 50 units of senior housing (owned by Episcopal Homes of Minnesota) and 10,500 square feet of affordable commercial space for local entrepreneurs.

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