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Gordon Parks Project Premier

Gordon Parks. Courtesy Los Angeles Times photographic archive, UCLA Library

You’re invited to the first annual Media Arts Premier for the “Transitions: University Avenue” project.  Meet the students, interview subjects, community members and teachers who are making this project possible. The event will begin at noon May 26 at Gordon Parks High School, 1212 University Avenue, Saint Paul, MN 55102. Driving Directions

The “Transitions” project combines audio interviews and photography to document the before, during and after of Central Corridor Light Rail Transit development on University Avenue. The project has  interviewed more than 10 community elders.  The project’s “soundslides” will be featured on a website created by the Minnesota Historical Society.

Community listening/brainstorming sessions last winter sparked numerous ideas about how best to serve the needs of students and community through this project. At this premier students will show off a portion of their completed soundslides; the production crew (made up of students, teachers, community members) will describe the production process they’ve used for the project; and we’ll share lunch together, catered by Arnellia’s and Golden Thyme.

Put On Your Thinking Caps


Help us inspire students

Creative minds of St. Paul and Minneapolis, we need your help. Action Team of St. Paul and Minneapolis are seeking quotes with art or a picture that will uplift our African American children in education. This display will be mounted for Metropolitan Billboards and Metro Transit buses, going into our 2010-2011 school year. These pictures and quotes must send a clear, positive message that can uplift, inspire and encourage our children in and around education. The messages will be on display for four weeks on local buses and billboards.

Please send your ideas and quotes to:

Mentoring Young Adults/IDEAS
550 Rice Street Ste. 103
St. Paul, MN 55103

For more information, send email here or here.

The winner will receive a $100 cash prize from Mentoring Young Adults. Deadline for entries is June 30.